Cutting+Grading with Ken­yan-Ger­­man sus­tainable e‑commerce www​.miko​no​.afri​ca

Dear DFFB’s! www​.Miko​no​.Afri​ca star­ted in 2020 and sold 1,500 jackets online within 3 years.

Miko­no is loo­king for a cut­ter and gra­ding pro­fes­sio­nal who’s wil­ling to join for an imme­dia­te crowd­fun­ding pro­duc­tion. The video mate­ri­al has been recor­ded in August in nai­ro­bi and is available imme­dia­te­ly. It’s a remo­te work pro­ject with a desi­re to do publish befo­re Novem­ber 1st.

The desi­red crowd­fun­ding image video won’t be lon­ger than 60 seconds.

The­re are two adja­cent dance vide­os and some BTS recor­dings of the shoe and jacket pro­duc­tion we do in nai­ro­bi and our fema­le Ken­yan team of desi­gners and tail­ors.

Plea­se call +4915111648074 or Whats­App or email via Heinrich@​mikono.​africa!

Per­ma­nent employees: 7
Working area/​Head office: Nai­ro­bi