CYANe feature film looking for cast and producer

CYANe is an experimental feature project about the life of some people in a distant future called Now, loosely based on a novel by Klaus Mann.

The film is exploring the Anthropocene through the consequences of a limited future and the emotional impact on a young woman coming of age. The focus is on an ensemble of characters all playing out their own personal response to a post-natural environment.

This is a no-budget project. We are a group of young professionals realising our first feature film.

For this film we are looking for a producer ideally fulfilling both the daily production expectations and also post-production promotion.

Also, we are looking to complete our cast.

Role 1 – Johann-Sebastian: age 28-36, male, German and English-speaking, Berlin-based. This character is the love interest of the lead, an intellectual international elitist.

Role 2 – Florence: age 28-39, female, German and English-speaking, Berlin-based. A motherly character and pivotal role in the development of the lead while at the same moment a manifestation of the main character, this role is played with a lot of subtext.

Role 3 – Birdy: age 22-28, female, German and English-speaking, Berlin-based, singing and dancing required, preferably with a 20s style Bob haircut. A flapper with attitude, sweet and edgy, she is the best friend of the main character and the sister of Johann-Sebastian.