Darsteller/​​Locations/​​ Make-Up Artist & Ghet­to­blas­ter für Musik-Pro­­mo

Hey peo­p­le,

I’m Thea and try­ing to pro­du­ce some tik­tok-pro­mo mate­ri­al for my femi­nist hip­hop-song „cheer­lea­der“. The idea is to turn around fema­le cli­ché – like using lip­stick to paint graf­fi­ti and stuff.

We will be shoo­ting this satur­day 16.12 as well as next wed­nes­day and thurs­day (20/​21. 12).
Wher­eby the later dates can still chan­ge, depen­ding on the avai­la­bi­li­ties of the par­ti­ci­pan­ts.

For all dates it would be gre­at to have a DOP and someone to help with light – but it’s also okay if you are only available for one of the dates.

For this satur­day we are also loo­king for a bar­li­ke loca­ti­on and an addi­tio­nal male actor.

Next wed­nes­day it would be gre­at to have four fema­le actres­ses and a make-up artist – as well as a some nice eerie room to emu­la­te a make-up stu­dio in.

By next week it would also be gre­at to get a strol­ler and some kind of ghet­to blas­ter.

Feel free to cont­act me for fur­ther details regar­ding the pro­ject!

Best regards!