The DFFB at the 16th edition of the film festival achtung Berlin – new berlin film award

After the pandemic thwarted the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) in April, we are delighted that the 16th edition of achtung Berlin – new berlin film award film will soon be upon us.

Taking place from 16–20 September, this edition will feature fewer films than usual, but they will all be screened in the best cultural meeting place for filmmakers and film lovers—the cinema!

The DFFB will be present at the festival, which is the most important event for showcasing filmmaking from Berlin and Brandenburg. This year’s programme includes the following contributions from the DFFB:

1986 (R/B: Lothar Herzog, K: Philipp Baben der Erde, P: Romana Janik)

DAS WARTEN (R/B: Lasse Holdhus, K: Alexander Brack, P: Lisa Roling)

DER TAG X (R: Katharina Rivilis, B: Katharina Rivilis, Samuel Chalela Puccini, K: Giulia Schelhas, P: Cecilia Trautvetter)

FREISCHWIMMER (R: Gaya von Schwarze, B: Mirko Rachor, Gaya von Schwarze, Josephine Oleak, K: Raban Jakob Friedrich, P: Ibrahim-Utku Erdogan, Leonie Schäfer)

IN DEN BINSEN (R: Clara Zoe My-Linh von Arnim, B: Andreas Kouba, K: Raban Jakob Friedrich, P: Elisabeth Köller)

JIYAN (R/B: Süheyla Schwenk, K: Florian Wurzer, P: Sara Fazilat, Roxana Richters)

LAND OF GLORY (R: Borbála Nagy, B: Borbála Nagy, Judit Anna Bánházi, K: Moritz Friese, P: Margarita Amineva)

REVOLVO (R/B: Francy Fabritz, K: Antonia Lange, P: Sara Fazilat)

SEBASTIAN SPRINGT ÜBER GELÄNDER (R/B: Ceylan Ataman-Checa, K: Albrecht von Grünhagen, P: Jörg Daniel, Övünc Güvenisik, Simona Kostova, Ceylan Ataman-Checa) und

TRÄUME VON RÄUMEN (R/B: Matthias Lintner, K: Francisco Medina, Matthias Lintner, Matilda Mester, Carlos Andres Lopez, Christopher Aoun; P: Matthias Lintner, Ewelina Rosińska).

In addition, the film FRITSCH´S PFUSCH will screen in the documentary competition section. The film features cinematography by Paul Rohlfs and was produced by Victor Buzalka (Director: Lisa Wagner/KHM).

Two debut films of our gradutes can also be seen at the festival:

GLITTER&DUST by Anna Koch and Julia Lemke and GIRAFFE by Anna Sofie Hartmann.


For the full schedule, take a look at the programme booklet.

The 3rd Filmnetzwerk Pitch takes place at the festival on 18 September.

The Pitch is a showcase for filmmakers from Berlin. During the Branchentag of the achtung berlin film festival, a selection of screenwriters, directors, and producers will present their long, short, and serial fiction, non-fiction, and animation projects to a professional audience. The participants will receive feedback from production, TV, and distribution experts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pitch this year will occur under necessary hygiene measures. The pitch offers the participants the following possibilities: to receive feedback on the projects’ content and form, to examine relevant production and evaluation strategies, and to gain partners for their project.

We wish everyone a successful festival!

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