Edi­tor Nee­ded

Hel­lo, I’m Johan­na, the pro­du­cer and direc­tor of my second docu­men­ta­ry. This pro­ject was film­ed in San Fran­cis­co and is an emo­tio­nal and raw sto­ry of my fri­end from the US. It is part­ly edi­ted alre­a­dy, but we have some pro­blems and need ano­ther hel­ping hand. If you can fix tech­ni­cal issues like “wob­bli­ne­ss” of the film mate­ri­al and have an eye for per­fec­tion, you would be the per­fect match for it.

This movie is around 16 min long and even tho the­re is no pro­per dead­line we would like to finish ASAP.

Hit me up for any ques­ti­ons, and I’m exci­ted to hear from you!

Best wis­hes
Johan­na 🦋