Ethnographicfilm with blind person „Nicht-Sehen und gesehen werden / not-seeing and being seen „

Hey guys!
My Name is Paul and i am student of social- and cultural anthropology. As my final project i am doing an ethnographic-collaborative filmexperiment. My protagonist is almost totally blind and colourblind since birth. We got in touch when i talked to him after i seeing him in the streets wearing really interessting clothes. I was curious because i saw him using a blindstick and wearing some very stylish and well composed clothes. Somehow i wanted to know more about the ways blind people choose clothes or organize their appearance in general.
Aim of mf film is to get a sence of what it means to not fully rely on our eyes and to develop a deeper appreciation for our other senses. What does beauty or aestetic mean for a blind person? how can i we get to a shift in perspectives by doing collaborative filmmaking?
We already filmed one day and there is plenty of material which just needs to be cut and edited. The film will be 12 minutes in the end.
I am looking for somebody helping me with postproduction. Unfortunately i dont really have any budget to pay so all i can offer you is my full gratefullness,
If you are interessted in being part of that project please contact me. I would be happy to explain you in more detail about my ideas.
Best. Paul