Film Club 35K with Ola Jankowska

The student film club 35K invites to a screening and Q&A with Ola Jankowska! Before the organisers talk to the director about her work, her feature film ANATOMIA (103 min, Polish with English subtitles) will be presented to the audience.



Mika returns to Poland to meet her father who is suffering from a severe brain injury and inherent memory loss. Although they haven’t seen each other for many years, upon her arrival she becomes the father’s companion in perplexity — gently guiding him through the labyrinth of his fading mind. And as she does so, she gradually sets off on a journey through her own life. Gradually, the sense of time and space start breaking: the present blends with the long bygone past and places reveal their faraway history and memories. Slowly, life and its end, too, begin to blur. Shot on digital, 35mm, VHS and thermovision cameras, incorporating archive footage. A collage-like journey through time, memory and the origins of our identity.


About Ola Jankowska

Ola Jankowska is a Polish-born writer and director, based in Berlin and working internationally. Her first feature fiction Anatomia (Poland, France 2021) premiered in Venice 2021 as a part of Venice Days and has since screened at festivals around the world winning several prizes. Her first feature-length documentary I Was Here (Great Britain, 2019), co-directed with Nathalie Biancheri, premiered at CPH:DOX 2019. Ola’s work was also exhibited at the Polish National Gallery Zacheta. She studied Directing at Lodz Film School in Poland and the NFTS in the UK — as well as participated in programs such as TorinoFilmLab, CPH:LAB, European Short Pitch, Ekran+ or Zurich Masterclass. She also teaches creative writing to screenwriting students at the Lodz Film School.


The event will take place in the DFFB cinema in English; admission is free.