Film Score Composer – I want to score your films/Documentaries/Short Films!

Hi all,
I am currently in my third and final year of my degree at dBs Music Berlin studying music production and Sound Engineering, and my main project this year is film scoring.
I’d be happy to score some short films/Documentaries and more. I can do some synthesizer-based scores, as well as orchestral scores. I can also play and record guitar, drums, piano, bass in case it would be required. I will happily send my portfolio if anyone is interested in working with me on a project!
Looking forward to working on projects. Thanks!
My email: ten.c1544463785isums1544463785bd.st1544463785nedut1544463785s@net1544463785earts1544463785rev.x1544463785ela1544463785

Alex V.