Film/TV Production – Paid internship

Production company: Pappel Studios
Project: Symphony of Now Series
Location: Berlin
Start date: August/September 2020

Pappel Studios is looking for a motivated paid intern to help us with our next amazing project. The internship can lead to a full time position as a production coordinator or junior producer, to work with the producers (Max Hassemer and Brendan Shelper) and the Creative Director (Aviv Kosloff).
You are open minded, have organizational skills, are result-oriented and have an interest in new formats and innovative audio-visuals. You will perform coordination and organizational tasks related to the development of a documentary series. You will get an insight into film financing, co-production and strategic planning. You will research local musicians and locations to establish an international network of collaborators.
A native or fully fluent in English and German and can translate short texts between these languages.
Capable of interacting with professionals across different sectors: TV & film industry, public funding, creative communities, Social Media platforms and other stakeholders.
Precise, accountable and motivated, with attention to detail and meeting deadlines
Motivated to learn new skills and research new topics.
Flexible, problem solver with a proactive skill set
Proficient with Google tools (Slides, Sheets, Docs), and other cloud services. A working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere is a plus (but not a must).
Symphony of Now is a series of cinematic love letters to the music and creativity of 21st century urban hotspots. It is an homage to the 1927 classic Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt, and is produced by a collaboration between electronic music stars and thousands of local filmmakers. Each episode features one city (think Berlin, Tel Aviv, São Paulo, Detroit, Nairobi) and one unique soundtrack.
A pilot, featuring Berlin, was successfully distributed to cinemas and screened at special film/music cross-media events:

The series received development budget from the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg:

We look forward to receiving your application with a cover letter at: