Opposite of Comfort

Wiebke, in her 30’s, just moved from a small town to Berlin. She is working in an economy office. She dreamed a long time fort that chance, but unfortunately she is not happy. She lives very isolated and spends most of her time in her apartment, which is way to big for one person. Wiebke is trying to make friends in her office, but her colleagues are not really interested in her. One day on her way to work, she realized that the closet of her apartment disappeared.
Laura Tonke
Stefan Grossmann
Katleen Galego Zapata
Sarah Riedel
Elena Duppler
Christian Ahlers
Buch: Knut Mierswe
Kamera: Jenny-Lou Ziegel
Cutter: Katrin Hembus
Ton: Maxim Kuphal
Musik: Tobias Philippen
DirectorRegie: Laura Lackmann Popescu
GenreGattung: Kurzfilm
Production CountryProduktionsland: Germany
Production CompanyProduktionsfirma: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin RBB
ProductionProduktion: 2009
Recording FormatDrehformat: 16mm
Screening FormatVorführformat: 4:3
Frame RateBildgeschwindigkeit : 24
Aspect RatioSeitenverhältnis : 4:3
Sound FormatTonformat : Dolby Stereo
LanguageSprache : German
FassungFassung: OV
Running TimeLaufzeit : 30