Highway after the rain. Lena drives back to Łódź, Poland, where she lives with her also German boyfriend Jakob. While driving on the highway Lena suddenly hears the scream of a woman and sees a burning car on the high- way. It turns out to be Nina, a mysterious and extravagant artist, who died in the car accident. Lena finds out about her widowed husband, Viktor, and their son Antek. While getting closer to Viktor and his son, Lena is feeling how she is losing control, so she accepts the help of Vera, a practicing whisperess. Trapped between her unsolved past and a future which is not belonging to her, Lena tries to become herself again.
Gina Henkel
Anton Weil
Pawel Delag
Wiktoria Gorodecka
Natalia Mateo
Marek Pys
Script: Ewa Wikieł, Halina Joanna Rasinski
Camera: Konstantin Minnich
Editing: Natalia Jachec
Producer: Ibrahim-Utku Erdogan
Music: Hannah von Hübbenet
DirectorRegie: Ewa Wikieł
GenreGattung: fictional
Production CountryProduktionsland: Germany
Production CompanyProduktionsfirma: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Recording FormatDrehformat: Digital
Screening FormatVorführformat: 1:2.39
Frame RateBildgeschwindigkeit: 25 fps
Aspect RatioSeitenverhältnis: 1:2.39
Sound FormatTonformat: Dolby 5.1
LanguageSprache: German, Polish, English
FassungFassung: OmU
Running TimeLaufzeit: 81 min