Invi­ta­ti­on for gra­dua­te direc­tors to „Second Class Que­er“ – see­king col­la­bo­ra­ti­on for a TV series

Dear DFFB Stu­dents and Facul­ty,

My name is Kumar Muni­an­dy, and I’m wri­ting to invi­te you to attend my upco­ming solo play, „Second Class Que­er“ which will be run­ning at the Eng­lish Theat­re Ber­lin from July 4th to 6th at 20:00 Uhr.

„Second Class Que­er“ is a cap­ti­vat­ing explo­ra­ti­on of a que­er per­son of color navi­ga­ting the­mes of iden­ti­ty, self-accep­tance, and over­co­ming socie­tal pres­su­res. The play del­ves into the com­ple­xi­ties of LGBTQ+ repre­sen­ta­ti­on, con­fron­ting racism and homo­pho­bia, and fin­ding strength within a diver­se world but also fun­ny, mind-ope­ning topics on dating sex poli­tics among the gay que­er com­mu­ni­ty.

Bey­ond the per­for­mance, the play holds exci­ting pos­si­bi­li­ties for tele­vi­si­on series. The play’s explo­ra­ti­on of que­er, sexua­li­ty and heal­ing offers a uni­que per­spec­ti­ve that could reso­na­te with a wider audi­ence. I’m curr­ent­ly loo­king for a TV direc­tor to col­la­bo­ra­te with on wri­ting a TV series based on the play. I’d be hap­py to meet after the per­for­mance to dis­cuss the play fur­ther and explo­re poten­ti­al col­la­bo­ra­ti­on oppor­tu­ni­ties.

I look for­ward to sha­ring this sto­ry with you and poten­ti­al­ly embar­king on this exci­ting tele­vi­si­on pro­ject tog­e­ther.

With gra­ti­tu­de,

Kumar Muni­an­dy

Link to the play + theat­re: https://​www​.etber​lin​.de/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​i​o​n​/​s​e​c​o​n​d​-​c​l​a​s​s​-​q​u​e​e​r​-​2​0​24/
Link to my pro­files: https://​linktr​.ee/​k​u​m​a​r​m​u​n​i​a​ndy