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Kick Start Your Career
Intern In China – Experience Of A Lifetime
Interships and Study intensives

Can you imagine completing college semester credits or earning extra cash just for temporarily living and working in an amazing country overseas? MOTO gives you just that opportunity!
Gain Valuable Professional Experience With The Intern & Trainee Program and Career Experience in the largest production house in China! Join our internship programme.

We are looking for assistants for producers, cinematographers and photographers. Apply for MOTO interships!

As the largest full-service production company, and an innovation leader in China for the use of XR virtual production, our studios are the best space for fostering creativity, collaboration and all around fun. We have been on a mission to provide the very best in TVC and print photography ever since.
MOTO’s International Internship Program (IIP) offers guidance and financial support to undergraduates who wish to undertake a 6 months internship abroad. We offer students the opportunity to fulfill academic and personal goals while living and working abroad.
Put your passion for commercial production to work as an intern at MOTO, we welcome talented and motivated individuals to join our internship programme.

All interns are assigned a mentor inside the company. This ensures a proper company introduction and professional experience.
Interns are placed on positions related to their field of studies.
A Support Coordinator is assigned to each intern to assist with any issue, such as social life, local advice, work issues, illness, or homesickness.
Valuable personal and professional connections are made during an internship abroad. Those can crystallize in life-lasting friendship or business opportunities.

1. Staff Housing for the entire internship 2. Duty Meals at the staff canteen 3. Internship allowance provided 4. Full support during the internship 5. Certificate signed by MOTO

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Liebe Studierende, meine Name ist Thomas Schwoerer. Meine Freunde aus China haben mich gebeten Ihnen dabei zu helfen, interessierte und engagierte Nachwuchtalente zu finden, die interesse haben ein halbes Jahr in China zu lernen und zu arbeiten. Bei ernsthaftem Interesse und ertsen Fragen kann ich auch helfen: Thomas Schwoerer, ,

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Wir freuen uns über Ihr Interesse!