Lea­ding Role in a Medi­um Lenght Film

Hel­lo the­re,

For our short film, or rather medi­um length film, we are loo­king for an actor set to play Dong-Hoo, the prot­ago­nist of our sto­ry.

Dong-Hoo is 28, seems harsh and care­less, but like all of us, actual­ly only hides his real self behind a mask Insi­de, he is fil­led with sor­row, dis­ap­point­ment and lack of pur­po­se, which he has lear­ned to kill with indif­fe­rence, so that the fee­lings he can­not escape at least won’t hurt him any­mo­re. For the first time, we meet Dong-Hoo trap­ped insi­de of dri­ving truck, wat­ching TV…

Trap­ped insi­de of dri­ving truck wat­ching TV? Exact­ly!

„1000 Miles an Hour“ is a sto­ry about two young men, who have been trap­ped insi­de of a dri­ving truck sin­ce seve­ral months, with no recoll­ec­tion of the past, still despera­te­ly try­ing to find a way out.

The movie is mix of a thril­ler, a sur­re­al movie and heist movie, with also some sci-fi ele­ments to it. It it’s core though, „1000 Miles an Hour“ tells a sto­ry of all the young peo­p­le, lost in their see­mingly futi­le lives, over­whel­med by the weight of their own ambi­ti­ons, trap­ped in self made cages, they no lon­ger desi­re to escape from.

The pic­tu­re is enti­re­ly finan­ced by the direc­tors own savings, the bud­get oscil­la­tes around 20.000 Euros, the­re is a crew of over 25 peo­p­le curr­ent­ly working on the pro­ject.

Alt­hough we pro­vi­de food and a plea­sant working envi­ron­ment during the shoot,
we are unfort­u­na­te­ly unable to offer finan­cial com­pen­sa­ti­on, as the film is finan­ced enti­re­ly from our own funds.due to the high pro­duc­tion cos­ts, we put all our money in.

The Actor set play to role of Dong-Hoo should opti­mal­ly live in Ber­lin, or at least have a housing pos­si­bi­li­ty here. His Eng­lish should be flu­id, as the movie is enti­re­ly writ­ten in Eng­lish, also I’d be nice if he was South-Kore­an, or had South-Kore­an roots. Actors with other East Asi­an back­grounds are also wel­co­med to app­ly! (We could adjust the script to the actor)

If you feel inte­res­ted in play­ing to role let us know per mail, at the address:
(Pic­tures and Show­re­els are very wel­co­med!)

We will be more than hap­py to send you the script and arran­ge a cas­ting.
With best regards,
Ron­ny Papak