LET THE DIALOGUES FLOW – Learning from your favorite dialogues

Bring a dialogue that fascinates you – together we analyze the shit out of it. Learn from it. Write it. Spice up your own dialogues.

Analyzing – Tooling – Writing

Language: English (but you can write in any language you want and the dialogue of your choice might be in any language you want – if you can translate it)

Bring a dialogue scene that touches, shocks or fascinates you, that totally draws you in, a dialogue that you can’t get out of your head. You always wondered what’s behind the power of those characters’ words and you would love to let your own dialogues flow like that. Let’s analyze the hidden dynamic in this film dialogue of your choice (not longer than 5 minutes). Together with Katti Jisuk Seo, you will discover TOOLS and apply them in CREATIVE WRITING exercises. Katti will guide you through ANALYZING those dialogue scenes in THINK TANKS. Step by step you will break down the power of dialogues that flow like ping pong: subtext, body language, power games, arguments, dilemma dynamic, backstory hints, rhythm, visual storytelling in dialogues, relationship between words and images, conflict dynamic, worldview clashes, non-linear insights etc. This way you build your own pool of dialogue tools to use in our creative exercises for writing cinematically. In addition to your own writing method being developed here, Katti will share the most important steps of HOW SHE WRITES DIALOGUES HERSELF.

Please send a dialogue scene of your choice to Katti Jisuk Seo by February 18th to moc.k1550347092usiji1550347092ttak@1550347092liam1550347092 :

film title (fiction, non-fiction, all genres, if series only pilots)
time code of the scene (not longer than 5 minutes)
1-2 sentences what fascinates you about that dialogue
and if possible a link where you provide the film or just the scene for me or a hint where I can get it.

Katti Jisuk Seo’s official website: www.kattijisuk.com

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