Loo­king for 2 actors for my short film in Frankfurt/​​Wiesbaden

Hi peo­p­le,

in „Hus­hed,“ we are drawn into the con­tem­pla­ti­ve world of an elder­ly man who finds solace in the tran­qui­li­ty of a city park. As he navi­ga­tes his rou­ti­ne with a careful­ly con­cea­led sen­se of hap­pi­ness, a sud­den intru­si­on dis­rupts the deli­ca­te balance—the arri­val of a cheerful stran­ger. The jux­ta­po­si­ti­on of their emo­ti­ons unfolds a nar­ra­ti­ve of unex­pec­ted encoun­ters, sup­pres­sed fee­lings, and the quest for under­stan­ding in the midst of life’s unpre­dic­ta­ble twists.

For this film, I’ll need two actors. The actor for the Elder­ly Man cha­rac­ter does­n’t neces­s­a­ri­ly need to be elder­ly, but should trans­fer the expe­ri­en­ced fee­ling asso­cia­ted with age.

As for the Cheerful Stran­ger cha­rac­ter, it can be por­tray­ed by eit­her a woman or man , someone wit­hout spe­ci­fic age cons­traints, as long as they can por­tray a genui­ne­ly hap­py deme­an­or.

If this sounds inte­res­t­ing to you plea­se cont­act me. Shoo­ting will be in the week of 8th of Janu­ary.