Loo­king for actors for a short film

I’m loo­king for actors for my short film pro­ject.

In a café, a cou­ple read a script and talk about it. They don’t know who wro­te it. In a toi­let, there’s a man who lis­tens to their con­ver­sa­ti­on in a stall. He is a strugg­ling play­w­right. This is a sto­ry about begin­nings and ends in our dai­ly lives. This short film was main­ly inspi­red by “a Ghost Sto­ry”, “Bird-man” and Jean-Luc Godard.

SOPHIA: Sophia deci­ded to lea­ve the town which she’s never gone out. She is exci­ted about her future right now. She had led her life to meet her mother’s expec­ta­ti­ons befo­re her mother pas­sed away. She is 20s-30s.

ERIC: Eric used to be a famous stage actor but he quit acting becau­se of an acci­dent on a stage. Sin­ce then, he is a pri­ma­ry school tea­cher. He lost his goal of life and feels lost in his life right now. He is 20s-30s.

PAUL: Paul is a poor and strugg­ling play­w­right. He sends his works to thea­ters but he’s got rejec­ted over and over again. Though he just wants to pur­sue art in play­w­right, he doesn’t get a chan­ce. He is 20s- 30s.

Date of shoo­ting: two days in the third week of Decem­ber