Loo­king for an ani­ma­tor

Loo­king for an ani­ma­tor for a short film (approx 2 minu­tes long).

The script is done, I made some basic sto­ry­boards and start­ing the pro­cess of making some ani­ma­tics.

My dra­wing and ani­ma­ti­on skills are VERY limi­t­ed and I won’t be able to make this pas­si­on pro­ject wit­hout the help of a skil­led hand.

I know that ani­mat­ing is a lot or work, but unfort­u­na­te­ly all I can only offer is a sym­bo­lic com­pen­sa­ti­on of 50 euros.

My work (all live action) you can find at wil​fre​do​ca​sas​.com/​f​ilm