Looking for Behind-The-Scenes Photographer!

Hello! I’m Alexandros Liossatos. I am directing my third year graduation short film „Parallel” for some days between February 13 and February 27. It will be a sci-fi thriller with a drug trip scene, dark moody inside and outside scenes and VFX shots that will involve mirrors and puddles.

I am currently looking for a Behind-The-Scenes Photographer for some of the scenes. One scene will be a university house party, and take place in an apartment. Another will be a university classroom scene.

This is a no-budget project, which means that nobody will get paid, but it will be a fun project with food for everybody. Here is a link to the fundraiser if you wish to learn more about the film: https://igg.me/at/parallelalexie/x/30735673#/

If you are interested, please send a short application with a description of your experience to .