Looking for crew – Horror/Comedy/Satire Short Film

We’re making a Horror/Comedy/Satirical short film about the refugee crisis set in Berlin and we are looking for the following crew members –

Junior Producer
Production Designer/Art Director
Prosthetics specialist

Synopsis: Salim Shami, a Syrian Refugee in Germany gets a failing grade in his language class. He’s given two options – Get deported OR Get transformed into a white German. Will he be able to tell his family the truth? Or will he succumb to a series of hallucinations caused by guilt and failure?

It’s an absurdist satire that really explores complex issues of identity and immigration, family, a sense of belonging, etc and we are super excited about the script. This is an Unpaid gig at this point because we are recent film school graduates and we are funding this with our own personal savings. But we are looking for funding so we can pay the crew. We are asking for help and in exchange, we can offer a great experience making an insane movie that’s funny, scary and meaningful.

Tentative shoot dates: 2nd week of March (Tentative) but Pre-production starts soon.

Please shoot me an email at or with your profiles.

Thank you and looking forward to your applications.