Looking for German speaking editor (preferably female and knows English)


I shot a short movie about a modern relationship and its growing toxicity/misunderstandings under Corona circumstances. It was shot in German with English/French parts.

While both characters are relatable and like-able, we view the movie through Finns‘ eyes who is dealing with his toxic partner Lou. The story is exploring serious mental health issues, miscommunication and the loss of a loved one. But also contains a lot of situational comedy, arising from the way it’s shot/written. I want to find the right balance. Between drama and comedic moments.

I am now looking for an editor to collaborate with. The project is passion fueled and has no budget. We did film on two Blackmagic 4ks, that I was lucky enough to have within my circle of friends. For now I am only looking to edit the raw material. Sound, color-grading, subtitles and effects will follow step by step. I have my own recorded notes from set and those of my AD. I have also viewed and sorted film and sound files. Meaning to say I want to make your job as easy as possible. I do have a hard-drive you could edit from straight away. Since it’s black magic, Davinci would be ideal. You will get creative freedom and footage for your reel. I love collaborating creatively. Send me an email and I’ll send some stills so you get an idea of the quality and project as a whole.

Please title the email: Pandemic_LUV_Editor (thanks 🙂 )
Looking forward to hearing back from you,