Looking for male actor with refugee background for graduation movie

Looking for male Actor with refugee background (27-33 years) for a graduation movie at the filmArche e.V. (ca. 20 min, Drama/Comedy, with improvisation elements, shooting period: beginning of October, shooting location: Berlin)

Plot: Manuel invites Bader, his neighbor with refugee background, for dinner with Franzi, his date, to proof to her, that he is an openminded and tolerant person. Although his neighbor does his best, to help Manuel to accomplish his goal (or precisely because of it), she starts to win affection for him, instead of Manuel.

Bader: Experiences with the escape or in the country of origin don’t have to be touched, so the specific country of origin of the actor right now is less important. The role may gladly be adjusted to the personality of the actor. Bader is confident, purposeful and polite. He is used to being treated as the person with refugee background by the german society and when Manuel invites him for dinner, he is glad, until he realizes, that he once again was just invited because of his refugee background..

Topic of the movie: The societal discussion about the living environment of refugees in Germany, in which everybody gets a chance to speak, instead of the refugees themselves.

Style: The movie is about portraying a situation realistically, that could happen in real life, with the situational humour, that would arise. The actors are welcomed to put much of themselves into the role. The characters are to be shown in their complexity with their strengths and their weaknesses, without pointing out a guilty one.

Happy to hear from you 😊 If you are interested please contact me via with a few words about you and, if possible, a link for a showreel.