Loo­king for my dream pro­du­cer

Hey all, I’m loo­king for a pro­du­cer to help me out bring a 10 minu­te hand­held style mocku­men­ta­ry come to life. The­re will be pay­ment if we get the fun­ding for it, other­wi­se we will all work for free. It invol­ves about 7 to 10 actors and 5 to 7 loca­ti­ons. I am aiming to get a spot on Ber­li­na­le 2025 with it.

About me: I’m Wil­fre­do, I wro­te, pro­du­ced, direc­ted and edi­ted 21 short films last year with no bud­get and with the help of a small but extre­me­ly moti­va­ted and talen­ted team. You can watch our work here – wil​fre​do​ca​sas​.com/​f​ilm