Looking for Producer/Director: Psycho Thriller Script (20 min.)


„Cold End“
a psycho thriller short film

one-line teaser:
Cruel radio presenter gets kidnapped by an even crueler stalker.

The slanderous radio presenter Danny gets kidnapped by one of his listeners. When he realizes that this is more than just an angry nutjob’s meltdown, but a thoroughly planned torture and execution game, Danny’s strategy changes to accepting his fate as prey only to discover that the game’s goal is much more terrifying.

Abusive media person gets abducted by a stranger, mocked, tortured and threatened with death for a seemingly minor reason, only to find out -too late- that the reason for all this has to do with the abuse-fueled denial of his despicable past.

If you are a producer and/or director interested in developing this project, please feel free to contact me via email and I will send the script over a.s.a.p.

I am Stef Ullrich, a composer and writer living in Berlin.
Contact: moc.h1568830779cirll1568830779u-fet1568830779s@tca1568830779tnoc1568830779