Moti­on Gra­phic Artist/​​Animator Wan­ted for Short Fic­tion Film

Are you unsett­led by the speed at which AI is deve­lo­ping and the thre­ats it poses towards art? Does this make you want to stand up against it or make some­thing that speaks to the­se fee­lings for future gene­ra­ti­ons to look back on? One last dance? Okay, that last sen­tence was a tad apo­ca­lyp­tic, but hear me out.

We’re curr­ent­ly working on a high­ly expe­ri­men­tal short fic­tion film that most­ly focu­ses on AI and how frightful­ly fast chan­ges are taking place.

Why does this pro­ject have poten­ti­al?
We belie­ve this film can do very well in the top-tier film fes­ti­val cir­cuit due to its uni­que approach to the topic of AI and AI art. As you pro­ba­b­ly know this topic is very hot curr­ent­ly and fes­ti­vals don’t exact­ly know how to bring this to light due to the copy­right and moral ques­ti­ons that are asso­cia­ted with most con­tent that is about or crea­ted by soft­ware that crea­tes AI art.

Loo­king for:
We’re loo­king for a moti­on gra­phic artist/​animator who will most­ly focus on crea­ting HUD moti­on graphics/​animation. The goal is to make it feel both tech­no­lo­gi­cal­ly advan­ced, uni­que in design, satis­fy­in­gly sty­lish, with a mini­ma­list approach. For smal­ler sec­tions of the film the­re are other moti­on gra­phics nee­ded too, but we will get into that during the pitch mee­ting and tog­e­ther with you can asses what will be pos­si­ble.

Moti­on gra­phic examp­les (more expl­ana­ti­on and examp­les will fol­low):
– https://​vimeo​.com/​8​3​6​4​4​777
– https://​vimeo​.com/​3​5​3​9​8​1​735
– https://​dri​ve​.goog​le​.com/​d​r​i​v​e​/​f​o​l​d​e​r​s​/​1​j​2​a​G​L​6​W​_​X​R​g​b​n​O​x​_​p​-​o​-​E​p​M​2​i​o​d​J​2​0​0​O​?​u​s​p​=​s​h​a​r​ing

To screen it at top-tier film fes­ti­vals around the world. We’re curr­ent­ly aiming to have it finis­hed befo­re the SXSW dead­line of the 3rd of Octo­ber, which at this point in time is our main pre­mie­re goal.

Unfort­u­na­te­ly due to the speed at which AI is deve­lo­ping we have to move quick­ly and were not able to rai­se funds. We are all working on this for free based on our love for the pro­ject and/​or belief in its poten­ti­al and importance.

What’s in it for you?
– A port­fo­lio pie­ce, which will be of high pro­duc­tion and exe­cu­ted well.
– To join us in making art about this uni­que cross­road in huma­ni­ty and AI art. It may sound chee­sy, but this is a cra­zy time to be ali­ve and a cra­zier time to be an artist.

If inte­res­ted in hea­ring more plea­se send your moti­on graphic/​animation port­fo­lio to info@​yourguyoscar.​com.

If you’re a right fit for the pro­ject, we will sche­du­le a pitch mee­ting to dis­cuss what makes our approach to this pro­ject so uni­que and show­ca­se our rough-cut to you, in order for you to assess if this pro­ject is worth your time.

This pro­ject will not uti­li­se AI and we will not allow this pro­ject to be used to crea­te AI-gene­ra­ted art in so far it is human­ly pos­si­ble.