Native English speaker / comedic / comedy writer wanted!

Hi there!

We’re a small low budget production of a dark comedy feature film called „Hans Jäger“. As of now we’ll be shooting our film in September.

So far I’ve finished the 3rd draft of the script. Due to timing issues with my co-writer I’d need another person to help me with the script, especially the dialogue. Ideally you would be able to be part of our project during rehearsals and the shooting as well. But for now, getting the script ready is the main concern.

We’re a low budget production and most of us are making this movie out of passion. We are trying to get some sort of funding at the moment but this cannot be guaranteed. Everyone involved will get their proper credit, gain experiences, and of course if the movie makes money will receive their fair share of the profits.

If this somehow interests you – send me a mail! : )