Need a ver­sa­ti­le bipoc actor in his thir­ties for your film? I’m your guy.

Shy and gloo­my? Calm but reso­lu­te? Shame­l­ess, loud and a bit dis­gus­ting?

Ask for it and I’ll deli­ver.

I have expe­ri­ence acting for improv thea­ter and direc­ting actors for TV. Now, I’m loo­king to gain more expe­ri­ence acting for TV. For a sym­bo­lic com­pen­sa­ti­on of 30 euros for a shoo­ting day, I will be the actor that ele­va­tes your short film to the next level.

Get an impres­si­on of my looks and feels here: www​.wil​fre​do​ca​sas​.com/​f​ilm