Oberbeleuchter gesucht

Hey Leute, suchen noch Unterstützung an der Beleuchterfront für dieses Wochenende (07&08.09, evtl. auch am 15ten). Ziemlich entspannte Zeiten, nette Crew. Kein großes Licht Setup. Würden uns sehr freuen, wenn jemand Lust hätte einzuspringen.

Looking for help on the light front for a shoot on the 07&08.09, maybe also 15th.

PM if interested. Looking forward hearing from you!

About the project:
Documentary short meets visual narrative – Athletes talking about their journeys, sharing insights on their work and how increased body awareness affects the mental, spiritual and emotional being.

In this first short we will portray a female dancer/choreographer/physiotherapist from Barbados. She will talk about her personal journey, the role of the body in different cultures and her motivation to pass on this physical knowledge.

There’ll be a visual narrative following her words which will include choreography and visually intriguing body formations.

Here are 2 reference projects: