Offe­ring my expe­ri­ence as assistant direc­tor, audio tech­ni­ci­an, cine­ma­to­grapher, and edi­tor.

For 80 euros, I will ser­ve as your assistant direc­tor, audio tech­ni­ci­an, cine­ma­to­grapher, and edi­tor for an enti­re day.

You can book me for a day to per­form any or a mix of the tasks men­tio­ned abo­ve, any­whe­re in Ger­ma­ny. I am based in Ber­lin but am wil­ling to tra­vel. My expe­ri­ence includes having writ­ten, direc­ted, and edi­ted 21 short films in one year, all wit­hout a bud­get.

My port­fo­lio at www​.wil​fre​do​ca​sas​.com/​f​ilm

- My equip­ment includes a Black­Ma­gic Pocket Cine­ma 4K came­ra, boom pole, Senn­hei­ser MK416 micro­pho­ne, Rode Wire­less II sys­tem, and a Man­frot­to tri­pod.

- The editing I do it using Davin­ci Resol­ve Stu­dio 18.5.

- I am also able to speak Ger­man and Spa­nish (in case you work with actors who don’t speak Eng­lish), dri­ve you and your crew across dif­fe­rent loca­ti­ons on the day of shoo­ting, revi­se and give you feed­back on your script and sto­ry­boards. Con­sider me fuel and sugar for your short film.