Post Production Apprenticeship at Netflix: Post Coordinator

As Netflix continues to grow its production slate across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we are gaining an understanding of the challenges that come with becoming a global company. These challenges include removing the obstacles in Post Production for candidates who would not be granted opportunities otherwise.

In response to this, Netflix Post Production EMEA established The Netflix Post Apprentice Program. The goal of this program is to increase and diversify the base of Post Production professionals throughout EMEA by opening up opportunities to candidates from underrepresented groups and training them by working on Netflix projects.

Participants with basic relevant skills will be given the responsibility to act as the Post Production Coordinator on an actual Netflix project. They will work closely with the designated Post Production Supervisor and will gain valuable working experience and strengthen their knowledge in a very hands-on manner.

To make sure the participants of the program bring relevant skills to the project and to empower them to be true Post Coordinators, Netflix Post Executives will teach them how to use our Netflix specific tools (Content Hub, Prodicle, PIX, AssetQC) and make them familiar with our specific requirements for scheduling and delivering our projects.

Throughout the lifecycle of the project the participants will have access to their Netflix Mentors. Netflix Mentors will provide participants with insight and knowledge to the studio requirements on a show, as well as provide career guidance.

For this Apprentice Program we are specifically looking for candidates from groups which have been historically marginalised and/or underrepresented in their communities or the media/entertainment industry. In this paid opportunity, candidates will acquire Netflix-led Training and Mentorship while simultaneously acting as a Post Coordinator on a Netflix project.

Duration of Employment: 6−9 months depending on the project


  • 1−2 Years in a University or Film School, or 1−2 years of previous industry experience.
  • Ideal for those who want to pursue a career in Film and/or Television focusing on Post Production, e.g. Post Supervision.
  • Effective communication skills in German & English.

Depending on the participant’s experience, typical duties can include but are not limited to:

  • Participate in virtual Netflix training sessions prior to starting on a show (~3 weeks)
  • Attend monthly check-ins and mentoring sessions with dedicated Netflix Post Executive
  • Assist the Post Production Supervisor in scheduling and cost reporting
  • Gather vendor contact list and show technical details and ensuring paperwork are maintained and distributed to production and the partner (Prodicle)
  • Set up and maintaining PIX dailies distribution lists and coordinate internal cut distribution between editorial and producers
  • Handle asset delivery and QC through our Netflix tools (Content Hub & AssetQC)
  • Coordinate ADR sessions, creation of change logs and cue sheets
  • Booking travel and running cutting rooms (stationary, petty cash, couriers)
  • Credits creation – gathering input, contract checking and proofreading
  • Maintaining post agendas and minutes during meetings
  • Researching stock footage and tracking clearance

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your CV along with a motivation letter telling us why you would like to join as a Post Apprentice. Applications should be sent to: .

Please make sure to put the keyword ‚DACH‘ in the subject line.