Producer(s) Wanted – Short Heist Film – Goal: Sundance and similar festivals!

Hi there,

I’m a director and writer, who moved to Berlin a few months ago. You can find my work here:

I wrote a short film last summer with the captivating city of Berlin in mind and am currently looking for the right crew to take this concept to the next level.

At this moment I’m mostly looking for budding producer(s), hungry to make their mark on the world of cinema. In the future once the producer(s) are on board, and pre-production has started officially, we will also likely be looking for other crew members.

What’s the short film about?
This short film is a unique take on the heist film genre, during which we don’t see the heist taking place, but instead meet a male and female character right after the heist transpired.

The scenes are completely dialogue driven, occur mostly outside, there are few props needed and we can film it with a small crew, which is why, amongst other reasons, the concept can be shot on an extremely low budget. However, there are also multiple ideas I have to increase the production value and take the concept further with the right funding or sponsorship.

What makes this project unique?
-It’s an original and genre-combining concept.
-The dialogue is highly stylised and unlike what audiences are used to seeing.
-This short film will be trend-heavy in terms of atmosphere and cinematic feeling and targeted to younger audiences(gen y/z). All of which I feel is something that happens less frequently in fiction than in the commercial scene.

At this moment it is a low to no budget short film. In fact, it’s been designed to be able to be done on an extremely low budget and still captivate the audience with a unique story.

I’d also like to look into the idea of applying for film funding or contacting brands for sponsorships, as the right funding can increase the production value and allow us to streamline the production process to give the talent more time to focus on their performance.

It’s very fashion-centric so contacting fashion brands, fashion platforms or online antique re-selling apps should be a viable option to increase the budget.

Festival goals:
Sundance, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Tribeca, Raindance, Slamdance, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Telluride Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival amongst others.

Production time-frame:
The preferred festival for this film to premiere at is Sundance. Which means that in order to make the mid September deadline of Sundance, with the right post production schedule in place, the latest I believe we should film this in is August. I’d prefer the idea of shooting in July as I know that if we can’t find the right funding and therefor need to rely on favours, post production can take a bit longer.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to hear more or schedule a Covid-friendly meeting, during which I can show you my pre-production treatment and the script.