Make-up Artist for DFFB short film ALICE COMING DOWN

For our 20-minute short film ALICE COMING DOWN we are currently searching for a make-up artist who would like to join our team and our shoot in August (17th-21st). The make-up will be partly natural (in the U-Bahn), partly grotesque (in the party scenes).

We are a team of international artists from Iceland, Greece, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Poland and the US, looking for some wonderful crew members to collaborate with. During the time of the shoot, we are also looking for some art direction assistants and helping hands for the shooting of a party scene + some food angels who would like to help out with some of the catering & organization.

A woman struggles to confront her core, and why bother when a new affair could begin at any moment? Alice Coming Down is a story that mixes up a berghain world with alice in wonderland, characters merging, fusing. This project is dedicated to that moment when you know something is about to happen and yet nothing has happened yet. Part documentary and part fiction. Alice in surreal, absurd situations down the rabbit hole, and Alice alone in the real Berlin. An unexplored yet familiar story told in a completely new form of cinema.

Written & directed by Berglind Thrastardottir ~
DoP Alina Albrecht
Producer: Vivien Cahn

This is a student project at DFFB and therefore we are unfortunately unable to pay, but there will be a small budget for expenses, catering for everyone and a group of magical souls coming together to deconstruct images, voices and gazes.

If you would like to follow us down the rabbit hole or know more about the project, please send us an email to moc.l1568831310iamg@1568831310nhacn1568831310eiviv1568831310 and tell us a bit about yourself, your experiences and your interests in film. We are so looking forward to hearing from you !