The Central Europe Feature Project

a development programme in three stages

The Central Europe Feature Project (CEFP)

The Central Europe Feature Project (CEFP) is a joint initiative between the DFFB Berlin, FAMU Prague and Łódź film schools. It is an intensive feature film development workshop, taking writer-director-producer teams through the detailed stages of story and script development, and also bringing participants from different schools and countries together to incubate new teams and new projects.

CEFP is a highly distinctive development workshop in these ways:

  • It selects teams rather than projects—a participant team might completely change project at an early stage.
  • CEFP doesn’t develop projects without producers—it sees producers as curatorial leaders of the development plan.
  • CEFP brings together emerging filmmakers from Central Europe, including Berlin at its Western edge, who want to create distinctive and singular low-budget first features.
  • CEFP teaching and mentorship comes from the combined schools’ faculties, with each team taking on a script mentor from another school.
  • Three workshops a year, held as much as possible in focused, retreat-style environments. The first workshop takes place over an intense four-day period and participants work on loglines and one-page summaries. Over the following nine months, the two consecutive workshops take the project to a full draft and package.

FIRST CEFP Workshops of 2018:

In mid-April, two DFFB teams visited the Study and Training Centre in Poněšice in the Czech Republic for a four-day workshop. During this time, they worked intensely on their projects in collaboration with two teams from the Czech Republic and two teams from Poland.
The second workshop will take place in July 2018 in Łódź and the third in November in and around Berlin.

CEFP Script consultants 2018:

Łódź: Andrzej Mellin
FAMU: Eva Papoušková
DFFB: Ellis Freeman

Other tutors:

Łódź: Marcin Malatynski
FAMU: Ondřej Zach
DFFB: Ben Gibson

Co-ordianator (DFFB): Sibel Cetin

The Central Europe Feature Project was made possible with the generous funding and support of the VGF:


Ben Gibson


Sibel Cetin

Excecutive Assistant to the Director

Ellis Freeman

Head of Screenwriting