The Central Europe Feature Project

a development programme in three stages

The Central Europe Feature Project (CEFP)

The Central Europe Feature Project (CEFP) is a joint initiative between the DFFB Berlin, FAMU Prague and Łódź film schools. It is an intensive feature film development workshop, taking writer-director-producer teams through the detailed stages of story and script development, and also bringing
participants from different schools and countries together to incubate new teams and new projects.

CEFP is a highly distinctive development workshop in these ways:

  • It selects teams rather than projects –a participant team might completely change projects at an early stage;
  • CEFP doesn’t develop projects without producers — it sees producers as curatorial leaders of the development plan;
  • CEFP brings together emerging filmmakers from Central Europe, including Berlin at its Western edge, who want to create distinctive and singular low budget first features.
  • CEFP teaching and mentorship comes from the combined schools faculties, with each team taking on a script mentor from another school;
  • Three workshops a year, held as much as possible in ‘retreat’ high-concentration locations, begin with an intense four days built around work on loglines and one-page summaries, without treatments of screenplays. The two other workshops take the project to full draft and package, over the following nine months.

FIRST CEFP Workshops of 2018:

In mid-April, two DFFB teams visited the Study and Training Centre in Poněšice in the Czech Republic, and worked intensely in a 4-days Workshop on their projects in collaboration with two teams from Czech Republic and two from Poland.
The second workshop will take place in July 2018 in Łódź , and the third in November in the Berlin area.

CEFP Script consultants 2018:

Łódź: Andrzej Mellin
FAMU: Eva Papoušková
DFFB: Ellis Freeman

Other tutors:

Łódź: Marcin Malatynski
FAMU: Ondřej Zach
DFFB: Ben Gibson

Co-ordianator (DFFB): Sibel Cetin

The Central Europe Feature Project was made possible with the generous funding and support of the VGF:

VGF – DFFB International Producers Programme