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Hi there everyone,
I am looking for a director to collaborate with, I’m an actress (studied in New York, worked in Toronto, lived in Berlin), writer and producer. I’m currently finishing post production on two of my own projects, shot in the 12 months. I am working with an amazing screenwriter from Cologne, we have been collaborating for over 1.5 yrs now and are focusing on developing our next story. The most important aspects of filmmaking to me are the story, the characters, the message (something meaningful, of value about the human experience for the viewer) AND getting things done (too often, projects disappear in a production abyss, not with me, 100% committed to finishing what I start). I have built a bit of a network, crew, artists to work with, to move things along and get producing swiftly.
If this sounds like something you could be interested in, I’d love to hear from you! (also speak german)
Thank you so much! Marion