See­king Expe­ri­en­ced Ber­­lin-Based Pro­du­cer for Meaningful Short Film


I’m Zon Chan, a Sin­ga­po­re­an director/​filmmaker curr­ent­ly based in Ber­lin. I’m in the midst of craf­ting a poignant short film that del­ves into the sen­si­ti­ve topic of mis­car­ria­ge.

I’m on the loo­kout for a Ber­lin-based pro­du­cer with a strong back­ground in nar­ra­ti­ve film­ma­king. I need someone resourceful who can over­see the pro­ject from incep­ti­on through its fes­ti­val jour­ney. It’s a small bud­get pro­ject. Hence, it’s important that you have a deep app­re­cia­ti­on for cine­ma and a pas­si­on for sto­rytel­ling.

Curr­ent­ly, I have an Exe­cu­ti­ve Pro­du­cer secu­ring finan­cing, and my team includes a dedi­ca­ted director’s assistant and cas­ting direc­tor.

„Fol­lo­wing a heart­brea­king mis­car­ria­ge, Lena and Dani­el embark on a poignant explo­ra­ti­on, navi­ga­ting the intri­ca­te inter­play of grief and love amidst the deli­ca­te dance of shadows and light in their shared exis­tence.“

If this pro­ject reso­na­tes with you, let’s chat and see how we can col­la­bo­ra­te to bring it to life!


E: zonchankitmun@​gmail.​com
V: https://​vimeo​.com/​z​o​n​c​han
IG: @zzonzz