See­king post pro­duc­tion sup­port for Jamai­can short film „TALONS“

We are loo­king for someone to join our team for post pro­duc­tion of the short film „TALONS“.

Posi­ti­ons nee­ded:
– Sound Design
– Sound Mixing
– Colour Cor­rec­tion

Deep in the Jamai­can hill­tops, across win­ding rivers, and jag­ged and natu­ral obs­ta­cles, Ellis (29) sets off to find the man accu­sed of kil­ling his father. As their encoun­ter nar­rows, Ellis hims­elf beg­ins to dis­play beha­vi­ors of a man unhin­ged. As the two meet, Ellis is con­fron­ted by his real-life mons­ter and the one he might’ve beco­me.

Pro­duc­tion details:
* Com­pen­sa­ti­on: Unpaid
* Gen­re: Sus­pen­se Thril­ler
* Direc­tor: Gibrey Allen
* Pro­du­cer: Nade­an Raw­lins
* Shoo­ting­for­mat: Digital4k
* Run­time: 14 minu­tes
* Pro­duc­tion­Coun­try: Jamai­ca
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish