We are currently looking for an art director/set dresser to join our project: What if.

What’s “What if” about?
“What if” is a five minute abstract short film about a young man named Lukas, played by Julian X, is torn from the comfort of his living room and confronted with a rapid series of harsh alternate realities.

What makes the project unique?
The film’s topic is one that is and has always been relevant. It is however most relevant to us living in middle, and upper class first world country comfort right now, as for a lot of us, for the first time in our lives, the atrocities seen on TV and the news are in fact edging closer and closer to our doorstep.

It is our intention to draw attention to a question as old as time, “what if”. What if I hand’t been born into my family? In my country? In my time? It is by chance that you’re gifted the comfort and safety you take for granted, a thing we thankfully easily forget, yet shouldn’t. It is the project’s aim to in five quick minutes, shortly remind you of the privilege you take for granted, the luck you think of as a given.

“What if” is intended to function as a five minute wake up call to all of us sleepwalking through paradise.

The job:
We are currently looking for an art director/set dresser to join our team. The scenes in question will vary from a 25 year old’s living room, to a run down location (reference: Heilstätten Grabowsee for example), to a completely white room, to the streets of Berlin. You’d be supported by our assistant art director Gülke, who will be more than happy to support you in any way you require.

Production time frame:
Regarding the production time frame, the shooting of the film in question will take place between the 30.07.2022 and the 31.07.2022, and the 06.08.2022 and the 07.08.2022. Three to four shooting days are planned.

The production in question is an independent indie production, thus while we do have a budget, we are somewhat limited financially. Due to which you will be given a budget to work with, however we will not be able to provide you with monetary compensation. You would of course though be entitled to the proper accreditation within the movie as well as on pages such as iMDB, crew United, etc., and meals will of course be provided.

If this sounds like something you might be interested din, do let us know. You may contact us at: