Short film script: Nothing Like the Sun

Orphaned script looking for cash, crew & cast:

„Nothing Like the Sun“
mystery thriller about an overdue family reunion

The sun hasn’t come up… For the first time in 4.5 billion years. As news reporters are going crazy about this scoop, Tom can’t reach his mother. Concerned about the ongoing panic and rioting, Tom decides to drive the 300 miles to pick her up. But a mysterious stranger keeps following him and tries everything to thwart his plan. For a very good reason…

There is a rough first draft (PDF, english, 17 pages):

This is not exactly a low budget project, unless you happen to own a Cessna and two cars we can total. Or a great CGI crew. But maybe there is a bored billionaire somewhere who wants to cure his affluenza by funding a tiny, ambitious film project.

Love to hear from all you movie-crazy folks (in English or German):