Short film scripts for young filmmaker!!

hi, I am a New York writing living and writing Berlin. I am momentarily writing an epic sci fi – time travel novel, that is taking way too long. So I have a few short films in hope a student may be compelled by the story and would want to shoot!!

Golden Milk, 10 min short film, London. 85 yr old Leon, Chez Holocaust survivor in the East End of London, conjures up the son that was taken from him in 1944 in a Faustian pact of macabre memory and a huge longing to create a baby in an old mystical method. Short film submitted to SHORE SCRIPTS, London, 2016

How to Kill a Rabbit, 30 min short film Berlin
1945, Germany. A Polish resistance fighter in the Polish Underground is captured and brought to Ravensbruck where a German “Aufseherin” in charge takes a liking to Stanislaw and allows her to oversee the other female prisoners. She tries to help one of the Polish women (called the “rabbits” who in 1942 had their legs experimented on by German doctors in the camp). The story is about guilt and survival and the hunger to save someone and that failure.  The main character Stanislawa is destroyed inside and out from her decisions and goes on a journey of endless self inflicted violence.  It is a dark story of a woman who wants to save a life and that failure, and how to go on or not go on.