Suche Editor für No-Budget Kurzflm „Anxious Love“

Hallo zusammen,
ich muss das Projekt leider aus Zeitmangel abgeben. Es ist bereits gedreht und für Avid vortranscodiert, Schnitt auf Premiere sollte aber auch kein Problem sein. Hier kurz zum Inhalt:

Anxious love is about a girl who identifies at the extreme end of social anxiety spectrum. Shegets so extremely nervous or anxious about going out in public or meeting anyone new that shewinds up not leaving her apartment at all. No matter how comforting that arrangement was toher, she always felt a lack of human intimacy ( a partner, a lover). On her quest to finding alover, she seeks solace in online dating.However, as soon as anyone from that online dating site asks her out, she ends up ghostingthem all. By continuing with that behavioural pattern, she finds herself hitting the rock bottomwhere she gives up all her hopes of being close to a human. On a fine evening she receives amessage from someone on the online dating site, which brings a new breed of Hope in her life.

Gesamtlänge soll um die 10Minuten werden.

Viele Grüße!