Thinking the Edit

‘Thinking the Edit’ is a 2 weekend workshop about Film Editing Theory and Analysis. We look at the world of contemporary film editing, and explore ideas and creativity in all genres: from fiction to documentaries to experimental. The workshop is designed for professionals and students of all kinds. You don’t need to be an editor to attend! Writers, directors, actors, producers, DP’s, and others artists can benefit from incorporating Editing Theory into their creative process.

IMPORTANT: The workshop is taking place on two subsequent weekends:

March 14/15 and March 21/22, both days 10:00-18:00

The participants cannot register for one weekend only. The cost covers thus both weekends.

Here’s the link for registration:

The goal is students get familiar with film editing concepts and principles, so they can apply them to their own projects, and in every stage of their creative flow. Also, to provide them with tools so they can analyse the editing in their own work. There are many editing workshops where you can learn about editing software, ‘Thinking the Edit’ is far from that: we put aside software, codecs, hardware, etc., and focus on theory, language, and creativity. No laptops are allowed! Classes are strongly based on debate and discussion. We watch several sequences from movies and series of varied nature, and extract ideas and theoretical concepts from the analysis. Since students usually have different backgrounds and sensibilities, expect passionate, useful, and fun discussions.

About the teacher: Flavio G. García is a Berlin based award-winning filmmaker, film teacher, and postproduction expert. He’s a highly experienced editing instructor and creative coach, and teaches all kind of students, from film professionals to video enthusiasts, since 2009. His workshops take place regularly in many film schools, production companies, institutions, and universities, like FilmArche, MIZ Babelsberg, ESDIP Berlin, DOCMA, DocumentaMadrid, and many others.

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