Trans­la­tor for Eng­lish sub­tit­les from Ita­li­an docu­men­ta­ry foo­ta­ge


I’m loo­king for someone, who can trans­la­te spo­ken Ita­li­an docu­men­ta­ry foo­ta­ge for a film teaser (about 10 minu­tes long) into Eng­lish lan­guage, and if pos­si­ble, who can also do the sub­tit­les for the film teaser.

The Ita­li­an that is spo­ken in the film foo­ta­ge is part­ly dialect of the Sou­thern part of Puglia, so it would be recom­men­ded that the trans­la­tor is fami­li­ar with that dialect.

The job is cer­tain­ly paid.

The­re is a pos­si­bi­li­ty that the job could be expan­ded on fur­ther trans­la­ti­ons of the foo­ta­ge after the first trans­la­ti­ons are com­ple­ted.

Loo­king for­ward to hear from you via email,