Work­shop – Towards a mani­festo on coll­ec­ti­ve cine­ma

20 & 21 July 2024
⏰ 10:00 to 17:00
✍🏽 https://​work​shops​.film​ar​che​.de/​e​v​e​n​t​/​2​4​0​3​0​3​_​m​a​n​i​f​e​sto

This work­shop will intro­du­ce par­ti­ci­pan­ts to dif­fe­rent forms of film­ma­king to reflect on pro­ces­ses of coll­ec­ti­ve pro­duc­tion. The point of depar­tu­re will be a rea­ding and dis­cus­sion of important mani­fest­os for film­ma­king that were writ­ten during the second part of the 20th Cen­tu­ry, espe­ci­al­ly in Latin Ame­ri­ca, with the emer­gence of the so-cal­led Third Cine­ma – a form of film pro­duc­tion that was set against neo­co­lo­nia­list visu­al prac­ti­ces, the capi­ta­list sys­tem, and the Hol­ly­wood model of cine­ma as a con­ti­nua­tion of a sys­tem of domi­na­ti­on.

We will enga­ge with mani­fest­os in the con­text of Third Cine­ma, as well as with other wri­tin­gs or frag­ments that evo­ke the importance of coll­ec­ti­vi­ty, hori­zon­ta­li­ty and the pro­duc­tion of an aes­the­tic cen­te­red cine­ma on the con­text of pro­duc­tion and not on the pro­duc­tion of enter­tain­ment. The work­shop departs from the idea that mani­fest­os imply typi­cal­ly rup­tures, breaks, and chal­lenges to the ste­ady flow of poli­tics, aes­the­tics, and histo­ry. For a first step, the dis­cus­sion will take us to ima­gi­ne the pos­si­bi­li­ties, needs and con­cep­tu­al sco­pes of a mani­festo. In a second step we will see how to actively enga­ge on a coll­ec­ti­ve mani­festo to which we can attach our ide­as on the pro­duc­tion pro­cess and enga­ge through our coll­ec­ti­ve resour­ces.

Javier Tos­ca­no (born in Mexi­co City, lives and works in Ber­lin) is a docu­men­ta­ry film­ma­ker and inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry rese­ar­cher in the fields of migra­ti­on stu­dies, poli­ti­cal phi­lo­so­phy and phi­lo­so­phy of tech­no­lo­gy. In his prac­ti­ce, he embraces noti­ons of care as he col­la­bo­ra­tes with mino­ri­ties, com­mu­ni­ties and groups with disa­bi­li­ties towards the pro­duc­tion of alter­na­ti­ve nar­ra­ti­ves of self-affir­ma­ti­on and exis­ten­ti­al explo­ra­ti­on.

Cont­act: javier​t​o​s​ca​no​.net and coll​ec​ti​ve​-cine​ma​.net