The festival office is in charge of the non-commercial distribution of student films. We have two goals: to increase the visibility of DFFB student films and to build the reputations of our directors, producers, cinematographers, and screenwriters. DFFB films are selected to screen in the most prominent film festivals – Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Venice, and Toronto – as well as in other major festivals such as Rotterdam and South by South West.

Together with our students, we develop a distribution strategy for their films. This process allows the students to gain a solid understanding of the international film festival landscape – an understanding from which they can draw throughout their careers.

In addition to film festivals, the festival office is also responsible for the commercial distribution of DFFB films. We are in close contact with distributors and sales agents in order to help bring student films into cinemas, onto video and video on demand platforms, and to television stations.

It is a priority for us to introduce our students to the film industry at the beginning of their careers. This allows students to develop a professional network early on.