The Berli­nale Tal­ents and Per­spek­tive Deutsches Kino Kom­pagnon Fel­low­ships go to Jide Tom Akin­leminu and Julian Radl­maier

We are very hap­py to announce that two DFFB alum­ni, Julian Radl­maier and Jide Tom Akin­leminu, were award­ed the Kom­pagnon Fel­low­ship with a stipend of €5000 today. The award sup­ports new projects by direc­tors and screen­writ­ers from Berli­nale Tal­ents 2018 and direc­tors from Per­spek­tive Deutsches Kino 2017.


When a Farm Goes Aflame, the Flakes Fly Home to Bear the Tale by Jide Tom Akin­leminu


Blut­sauger by Julian Radl­maier

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