Couchsurfing the Berlinale – an invitation from DFFB students to other film students to explore the Berlinale together


The programme Couchsurfing the Berlinale was established at the DFFB in 2010 by a student. The basic idea is to bring together international film students within the framework of the Berlinale, thus building up a sustainable and far-reaching network of young filmmakers.


The idea is very simple:

Twenty-five DFFB students invite 25 film students from all over the world to Berlin for the Berlinale and provide them with a couch to sleep on. Additionally, the DFFB provides both the guests and hosts with a festival accreditation.

The objective of Couching the Berlinale is for film students from very different countries to get to know one another, discover the festival together, exchange ideas about their own projects, and ideally find allies for collaborative projects.


When does it start?

The current announcement, distributed to various international film schools, can be found here.


What do I have to do to apply?

To apply, you have to study at a film school; write us why you would like to attend the Berlinale and what you hope to find and learn during your stay; be in Berlin from February 20 to March, 1st, 2020, to participate in the Couchsurfing programme.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sara Fazilat and Roxana Richters via ed.bf1611240250fd@gn1611240250ifrus1611240250hcuoc1611240250.