DFFB goes Berlinale

The DFFB presents a comprehensive programme during this year’s 69th Berlin International Film Festival (February 7–17, 2019). The DFFB contributes to an exciting film festival with four feature films by DFFB students screening in two sections.


Sara Summa’s film GLI ULTIMI A VEDERLI VIVERE (THE LAST TO SEE THEM) will be celebrating its world premiere in Forum. The film tells the story of the final hours in the life of a four-person family in an isolated farmhouse in southern Italy. With the viewer already aware of the violent deed from the outset, their daily routines coalesce into a tender requiem, a trance-like countdown.

  • Saturday, 9.2., 11:00, CinemaxX 6 (Press & Industry)
  • Sunday, 10.2., 19:00, Delphi (World Premiere)
  • Tuesday, 12.2., 22:00, CineStar 8
  • Wednesday, 13.2., 12:30 & 15:45, DFFB Kino (EFM Market Screening)
  • Thursday, 14.2., 19:30, Colosseum 1
  • Sunday, 17.2., 17:30, Arsenal 1


Miriam Bliese’s DFFB graduation film DIE EINZELTEILE DER LIEBE (THE COMPONANTS OF LOVE) screening in Perspektive Deutsches Kino is also celebrating its world premiere. A film about Sophie and Georg who once loved each other, but are now separated. A laconic portrait of a modern patchwork family that plays out before a front door in Berlin. A serious comedy about separation, interspersed with Schlager music.

  • Tuesday, 12.2., 14:00, CinemaxX 5 (Press & Industry)
  • Tuesday 12.2., 19:00, CinemaxX 3 (World Premiere)
  • Wednesday, 13.2., 12:00, Colosseum
  • Wednesday, 13.2., 17:30, Blauer Stern
  • Wednesday, 13.2., 14:00, DFFB Kino (EFM Market Screening)
  • Wednesday, 13.2., 20:00, CinemaxX 1


Simona Kostovas’ DREISSIG (THIRTY) will also screen in Perspektive Deutsches Kino after a successful premiere at the 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam in January. The film tells the story of a group of friends who celebrate Övünç’s birthday. The scene shifts from day to night as they wander the streets and bars of Neukölln. A raging lust for life. Longing for that special something to finally come to pass which has so eluded them during the day.

  • Saturday, 9.2., 22:30, CinemaxX 2 (Press & Industry)
  • Saturday, 9.2., 22:30, CinemaxX 1 (German Premiere)
  • Sunday, 10.2., 22:00, Colosseum 1
  • Wednesday, 13.2., 9:00 & 17:10, DFFB Kino (EFM Market Screening)
  • Saturday, 16.2., 12:00, Colosseum 1


Susanne Heinrich’s DFFB graduation film DAS MELANCHOLISCHE MÄDCHEN (AREN’T YOU HAPPY?), which received the prize for best feature film at this year’s 40th Max Ophüls Film Festival, is the closing film of Perspektive Deutsches Kino. In this film, a girl roams the city looking for a place to sleep, but between yoga studios, art galleries and the beds of strangers there is no space for her. A post-modern comedy in pink and blue.

  • Wednesday, 13.2., 11:00, DFFB Kino (EFM Market Screening)
  • Closing Film of Perspective: Sunday, 17.2., 19:00, CinemaxX 3


We are also pleased to announce that GLI ULTIMI A VEDERLI VIVERE and DIE EINZELTEILE DER LIEBE have been nominated for the GWFF Best First Feature Award presented by the Berlinale, which comes with a €50,000 award. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

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