VGF — Inter­na­tion­al Pro­duc­ers Pro­gramme

inno­v­a­tive — inter­na­tion­al — sus­tain­able

VGF - DFFB International Producers Programme

The International Producers Program complements the DFFB’s producing specialisation, assisting producing students who are preparing to launch their careers post-DFFB and partake in international markets. The International Producers Program features seminars and workshops given by international film-industry experts, as well as networks and outings to important European film festivals, and mentoring opportunities to facilitate the transition from student to working professional. During these activities, established film professionals dialogue with producing students, allowing them to fine-tune their own unique producing abilities and characteristics.

The International Producers Program consists of the following components:


1. Seminars and workshops

Through seminars and workshops, students expand their knowledge of the global film industry and its value chains and learn about new developments in the areas of production, distribution, and industry markets.

Students also have the opportunity to gain a unique and in-depth perspective on the structures and work processes of the Berlin International Film Festival and the European Film Market, and to meet important festival organisers, distributors, and producers.

We invite international film-industry experts to explain, through case studies, how to work with larger budgets for international productions. They also share new ways to finance and distribute these productions. Producing students are encouraged to always be open and curious towards all the film professions and working methods, and to draw conclusions from their own experience and bring this knowledge to their own work.


2. Mentoring and practical experience

In their final year of study, each producing student is matched with a mentor who works in the German film industry. Students are individually mentored through the production process of their graduation films and are given advice and assistance pertaining to their future careers. During the last two years, mentors have included Sergei Loznitsa, Anke Greifeneder, Carolin Ann Renninger, Jonas Dornbach, Marie Kjellson, Peter Rommel. 


3. International Forum and important markets

In addition to building a solid foundation in the craft of filmmaking, producing students must also have an in-depth understanding of the film festival landscape to ensure the best screening options for their films and to establish contacts with festival organisers, distributors, and other producers.

The main objective of attending festivals is for students to network and dialogue with other filmmakers and professionals. Attending film markets is also important—this helps students better understand where a film should be submitted. Producing students must think about the following questions: What challenges do producers face today in distributing their films? What are the new screening and distribution options and which partners are the right match? Which European trends currently exist and how do producers position themselves and their projects?


Attending film festivals

Students attend various festivals such as IFFR Rotterdam, Festival de Cannes, Hof International Filmfestival, DOK Leipzig or Interfilm Festival in Berlin.

We also help producing students attend film festivals in which their films screen, as it is important for students to promote their films and to network with other professionals.


"The international nature of the entire programme attracts students and lecturers from all over the world. The VGF International Producers Program offers producing students the opportunity to learn in an international setting, where they can connect with the global film industry. (Anna de Paoli, Senior Lecturer – Producing)


The International Producers Programme was made possible with the generous funding and support of the VGF: