Death & The Maiden

Shortly after WWII, over 1000 paintings were found in a basement in southern France. The paintings were created by a Young-Jewish woman called Charlotte Salomon. She painted her extraordinary life story in a unique creation named: “Life? Or Theater?” ‘Death & the Maiden’ unravels the story behind the creation. ‘Death & The Maiden’ Is a private journey into the heart of Charlotte Salomon, a sensitive and gifted young woman who lived in one of the darkest times in history. What makes her life a true symbol is something more than its universality, for in her pictures and words is something universally human; a lonely, painful and sincere struggle to hold on to life and embrace it with love.
Rama Friedlander
Jonathan Miller
Script: Yael Lotem
Camera: Nicola Alice Hens
Editing: Maya Klar
Producer: Yael Lotem
Sound: Pablo Arcuschin
DirectorRegie: Yael Lotem
GenreGattung: documentary
Production CountryProduktionsland: Israel, Germany
Production CompanyProduktionsfirma: Tel Aviv University, Film & Television Dep Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
ProductionProduktion: 2014
Recording FormatDrehformat: HD
Screening FormatVorführformat: 16:9
Frame RateBildgeschwindigkeit: 24 fps
Aspect RatioSeitenverhältnis: 16:9
Sound FormatTonformat: Dolby 5.1
LanguageSprache: English, Hebrew
FassungFassung: OV
Running TimeLaufzeit: 29