Ohne euch (What we were)

Standing in the middle of a living room, Holger (45) feels like a stranger in a house that used to be his home. Together with his ex-wife Sigrid (40) and their daughters Silvi (15) and Lara (9), he finds himself staring at Poldi, the freshly deceased family rabbit. “Seven years of prison followed by death”, Silvi sassily remarks as Lara strokes the poor animal. The two girls decide that Poldi deserves a proper funeral. And so, for the sake of their pet, the four of them become a family again, at least for a brief moment.
Boris Aljinovic
Emma Floßmann
Annekathrin Bach
Katerina Veljanoski
Jonathan Elias Weiske
Drehbuch (Credit): Hannah Martin
Camera: Lukas Eylandt
Editing: Jessica Schneller
Producer: Anna Werner, Patrick Schorn
Sound: Marc Reinkober, Mattias Larsen
Music: Bertolt Pohl, Matti Thölert
DirectorRegie: Hannah Martin Melanie Waelde
GenreGattung: Kurzfilm
Production CountryProduktionsland: Deutschland
Production CompanyProduktionsfirma: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin RBB
ProductionProduktion: 2018
Recording FormatDrehformat: Digital
Screening FormatVorführformat: 16:9
Frame RateBildgeschwindigkeit: 24 fps
Aspect RatioSeitenverhältnis: 16:9
Sound FormatTonformat: Dolby 5.1
LanguageSprache: German, English subtitles
FassungFassung: OV
Running TimeLaufzeit: 13